Back from Hiatus

Without warning, we were gone.  Well, actually we moved – physically.  Across the country.  Maybe it wasn’t that dramatic but we are finally getting settled in, and our photo editing computer is back online after some 50+ days being offline (tell-tale warning of “Norton Live Update hasn’t run in 53 days”).  So hopefully in the coming weeks we’ll catch you up on what we’ve been up to.  Here are some quick ones from the move – I know the photos are heavily weighted on me, but Shalyn was running the good camera most of the move.

Knox stretching his legs at a rest stop

Into the distance

Madisyn at a rest stop

Dad and Knox (and a rare glimpse of Shalyn in the reflection)

We avoided some bad weather along the way, but caught this rainbow

Driving the big rig with my little bro in the passenger's seat

  • […] Crazy it was three months ago today already that we arrived in Wisconsin and started unpacking.  It’s quite the process to move your family across the country and get settled into a new house.  I found some more photos to share of the big move, Jake previously shared some other photos of the adventure that you can find here. […]ReplyCancel

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