Mount Rainier National Park

Since this is my first blog post, I figured it would be fitting to start with a post that includes two of my favorite things in nature: waterfalls and mountains. We took a trip to Mount Rainier National Park a few weeks ago and drove up to the Paradise area.  While the conditions as we reached the visitor center got increasingly foggy, the drive was still cool and even scary in some areas. One nice thing about visiting waterfalls during undesirable weather is that you don’t have to worry about sun spots in the photos or it being too bright to get the longer exposures.

View of Mt. Rainier from South of Puyallup.

One-lane wooden bridge at Longmire on the way to the Community Center. On a clear day there are views of Mt. Rainier and the Nisqually Glacier from here.

The upper tiers of Christine Falls.

This interesting little waterfall was right on the side of the road at the same stop for Christine Falls. I liked the very distinct shelf-like layers of this waterfall.

The snow levels up at Paradise were quite impressive. This is right alongside the road with Jake, at 6'2", for scale

Photo of the family while stopped to enjoy the scenery alongside Skate Creek Road (USFS Road 52).

To see more photos of our trip, visit our gallery.


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