Olympic Peninsula road trip

We packed up the family and headed to the Olympic Peninsula this past weekend.  Travels included ferries, a stop at the Salt Creek Recreation Area where we saw beautiful beaches, some tide pools where my wife and daughter almost got stranded as the tide came in, and some old military bunkers.  We took a detour to Neah Bay where the movie-like views made the worst car sickness I’ve had in many, many years well worth it.  We hadn’t had much luck with tide pools in the past, but low tide at Beach 4 more than made up for it with hundreds of sea stars/star fish and even more sea anemones.  A two night stay in a two bedroom suite with views of the ocean at Kalaloch Lodge where we played games and enjoyed the ocean was capped off by a stop at Lake Quinault Lodge for lunch on our way home (which, by the way, may have the best fish and chips we’ve ever had – I would strongly recommend the sweet potato fries option).  Our last stop was the Satsop Development Park where we were able to get as close as I’ll ever be to cooling towers that were built for a nuclear power plant that was never completed.

The crew on the ferry

The crew on the ferry as we head towards Kingston

Rock erosion at Beach 4

Rock erosion during low tide at Beach 4

Kalaloch Lodge from the beach

A view of Kalaloch Lodge from the beach during low tide

Sea Star

A sea star hanging out on a rock during low tide

My daughter and me

Braving the elements with my daughter - the wind was brutal. and then there was hail.


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