A Favorite Photo, Recreated

After I photographed my daughter’s newborn photo session, I decided that we would try to recreate one of the photos on a regular basis for a fun thing to see the kids grow.  Elise is now two years old and we just photographed them for the forth recreated image in the series.  The first three images were photographed 6 months apart and then will be yearly from then on. I think it is so much fun to see the images all together and our kids love seeing these as canvases on the wall in our home.

Twin Cities photo shoot recreated by Shalyn Nygaard Photography

Considering their Momma is the photographer, it is always so interesting at their photoshoots ;)  There were certainly times where I was surprised that we got the shot after the session was over! I laugh when looking back at some of the outtakes, so here is one favorite outtake from each session…

Clearly my oldest is no problem during these shoots but as expected, the other two are a handful :P  The youngest two are just over two years apart so we always have to work hard to get recreated photo with them. How hilarious is Elise’s face in the first photo?! I image her thinking, “get me out of here!” ;)  I laugh so much when I see the third image with Elise missing – that was the session that she was 18 months old and she wanted nothing to do with the photos – I think there are 10 outtakes that are so funny from that shoot. These photoshoots have also resulted in other images of the kids that I just love!  They really are just them, being them.

Sibling photo shoot by Shalyn Nygaard PhotographySibling photo shoot by Shalyn Nygaard PhotographySibling photo shoot by Shalyn Nygaard Photography

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