Silver Lake Sunset

Sunset over Silver Lake - December 12, 2009

Our timing was just right last night for an incredible sunset over Silver Lake.  We were on our way home from shopping and fortunately my wife had our point and shoot camera with her so I was able to get a few shots.  This is a great example proving that nice equipment helps, but you can still get a great shot with an inexpensive point and shoot.

The Equipment and Set Up:

  • Canon SD1100IS compact camera
  • The SD1100IS doesn’t have much for manual settings, so it was just left on automatic mode (for this shot, the settings ended up: ISO200, equivalent focal length of 114mm, f/4.9, 1/80th of a second exposure, white balance set to automatic – not sure what temperature it used)

The Post Processing (Using Lightroom 2):

Unedited version - Not much post processing needed

  1. The colors were incredible, and I didn’t have to change them at all.  As it was, the photo was very good, but a couple of small touches made it really good.
  2. I increased the Exposure to +0.29
  3. In the Tone Curve section, I changed the Point Curve from “Linear” to “Strong Contrast.”  This is by far gave me the biggest improvement.  Just doing this would have been probably enough.
  4. I also increased the “Lights” adjustment in the Tone Curve section to +19
  5. I added a graduated filter effect where I decreased the brightness in the upper portion of the photograph.  I don’t see the exact amount, but you don’t want to go too crazy with this adjustment.
  6. As usual, I resized the photo for the blog post by exporting the photo.  This time, I set it for the short edge to be 450 pixels with sharpening set for “screen” and amount set to “normal”.

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