Valentine’s Day

We had a very messy and fun Valentine’s Day this year.  Since we never have enough time during Christmas to make cutout cookies, I decided that this year we would make cookies for Valentine’s Day instead.  Jake and I don’t usually go out on Valentine’s Day since it is such a busy evening to go on a date – and besides, we have 3 kids -what is a date anyway? ;)

We tried a Red Velvet cutout cookie recipe to be more festive and while the cookies didn’t taste great we had such a fun evening in.  How does the saying go, the bigger the mess the more fun was had?  Well, the kitchen certainly showed how much fun we had by the end!  Knox, at 2 years old, contributed the most to the mess between using cookie cutters as a snow plow to push flour onto the floor to dumping out and playing with an entire bottle of sprinkles!  The kitchen screamed Valentine’s colors by the end of the night.

I love kitchen gadgets and finally got to try out my rolling pin that is adjustable to roll out the perfect thickness throughout.  It worked very nicely and took the guesswork out of rolling the dough!


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